No Refunds

PAYMENT TERMS: I understand all charges are due at the time of product pick up, delivery or when specified by Visual Image Group.
CHECK ACCEPTANCE POLICY: My signature indicates I understand and authorize Visual Image Group to electronically debit my account on all dishonored checks plus a processing fee and any applicable taxes.
ALL DISPUTES must be addressed within 3 days of receipt of product.
CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE POLICY: Credit card payment is accepted at the time of sale and release of merchandise unless otherwise specified by Visual Image Group.
FAILURE TO PAY – NONPAYMENT OF PAST DUE INVOICES: You agree that by doing business with, placing or receiving an order that you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated. A 5% daily Accrual Interest Fee will be added to any invoice that is left unpaid past 30 days. If left unpaid for more than 90 days, Visual Image Group retains the right to pursue collection actions.